Model Search

We're searching model today for our next photoshoot in fashion issue.
So hard to find it, we're around mall 2 times, and then we got it!
Huuuh, so tired

then we had dinner at edge cafe! so cheap ;)


Feeding Frenzy

I haven't eaten all day, finally in the evening i could eat!

Because i was so hungry, i eat like crazy!
There's (nasi ayam lalapan, rawon, soto ayam, martabak, es jeruk, magnum)

this is feeding frenzy


Beau Valentine

i buy pink t-shirt today at office

crazy but love it.

happy valentine everyone :)



Today, i watch grammy from tv! it start from red carpet, show and after party!
This time, grammy make special tribute for Ms.Whitney and jennifer hudson so lucky to sang her song 'i will always love you'

adele is the brightest star, she won every categories! congrats

///gaga can't win, so sad///


RIP Ms.Whitney Houston

this morning when wake up, i checked my blackberry! And i shock, when my friend wrote Whitney Houston died. I have no words to say.
One night before grammy, n she just left! Rumours said she died because drugs & alcohol.
So sad, last year we lost Amy Winehouse because that things, n now Ms.Houston.

!!! drugs can take her soul, talent, beauty! so pathetic

R.I.P Whitney Houston, i will always love you


Hectic, Lucky, Tired

Today, start when i'm in office with one of my friend who work as photographer sat in office's lobby. We don't know what to do. Suddenly our senior in office come to us n give some money! really really happy :) thank to GOD
Next, we had photoshoot with models in one of hill in Manado. They're both of gorgeous girls and easy to shoot. After we had photoshoot, we backed to office and copy all photos to computer. Then, i have another appointment with my friend, and had dinner at dante. My friend treated me in dinner.

When i back home, i can feel how tired i am! But, it's lucky day for me :)



Today, my friend has just a payday. And at night we go out to eat together.

But unfortunately, i was not feeling at my other friends because i have to leave them because at first i go out with them.

But it's okay, they'll understand.

SORRY guys ;)
and thanks N!



Today, me n friends try something fun, that's telling fortune about our life.We initially shy! But, we still do this.
Fun when fortune-teller said the things i've felt it, and very attractive when asked about the romance. LOL
Actually we don't believe it cos it just predict. Just joke!

i am #LEO


Superbass Fever

Around 10 pm our team of journalists remain in office.
Because doing so did not know we do act crazy.
We immediately put ipad, turn on the video player and dance.
And we use super bass song by nicky minaj!
So crazy, full of comedy but i love it.
I don't want to show it, like embarrassing experience, when i watch it like the actions taken by people who had been a youtube sensation.
Maybe next day i'll show it, when i really ready.

*you got my heartbeat runnin away*


Flurry of Campus Affairs

I really really tired today.
First, about 9 am i go to stationary to print my register paper.
Then go to my faculty and send my register paper to my college instructor to get the signature. But, my college instructor at home so i can't that signature.
At 1 pm, i must go to office to typed news for next day issue.
DAMN, when i typed news, suddenly blackout. So i decide had lunch at restaurant near the office.
About 30mins, i back to office and no blackout again so i type news immediately.
At 4 pm, my college instructor called me that she at faculty, so she said that i must in there quckly.
Thank God that news i type been completed.
So i grab my bag and back to faculty, get her signature and done!



Movie Therapy

My group friends called bitches. Kinda bitchy that means, but i like it and today i'm so happy we can hangout together and watch Journey 2, The Mysterious Island.

We used 3D sunglasses and love that movie, one of my best movie to start this year.
And actually this is my first time to watch at theater in this year, it's like movie therapy.
So relax and enjoyed.
You guys should watch it!  ♥♥♥ 


Nice Model

Today, we had photoshoot with models. As journalist we must see how the models posed in front of camera. When i saw all models. Wow, theye're actually cute as damn as i am. And one of my girl friend who work with me as journalist, crush to one of them. So weird to watched in studio when they get posed.

what beauty sunday :)


Flamboyant Saturday Night

4/2 satnite, i'm so extravagantly cheered with friends.
Start 3pm, my team in office had photo shoot with all models! There are 8 people, included me. After that, we had fun at mall, which is not far from there. We had dinner, and suddenly my old friend come & join with us. i don't know no-where they come, unexpected! But, it's actually fun and cheered.

we had photo together, and sent to instagram :)
from L-R : me, @gbygby, @gavrilaflorence, @fediumboh, @bellajanice, @janetwalangitan, @glenglenry, @dwestmop

After that we went to Gaby's house and eat cupcakes that so cute. We can see "manado post" that actually office where i work. So yum. You must taste that!

it's best saturday night with my friends. so greatful :)


Another Job

Excited, i can write something to blog! In reality, i entered university in my city, Manado, because i'm already 19years old!

OK back to business, one day, my friend told me if i would to take new job as journalist in local newspaper! No doubt, directly i said yes baby! That's my passion!

First day in office so weird! It's not unusual when first time in office we must know all the people work in it! Beside that, i don't know what i'm doing in there. I can see strangers those don't like me at all & it sucks you know! In my mind, i think "if i can't survive in here, next days i think i got eliminated from here"! Beside, i though  i must forget those strangers! Day by day, i get used to it! Those strangers automatically had a talk with me!

Duh, it's easy obviously, i just spread smile n love those strangers, and they will send back smile :)
Those strangers automatically had a talk

I write a column about teenagers life, called Xpresi. So exciting, challenging, and so me! I love teenagers life, this is time while i live. Anyway, this is my team!
from L-R : Gavrila, Me, Widy, Nino

I'm so blessed what i got, and such a honor to telling this for all of you! xo

First Post

aloha ! finally i have new blog, since last year i lost my old blog
hope u enjoy myblog!

it's gonna be fun