Model Search

We're searching model today for our next photoshoot in fashion issue.
So hard to find it, we're around mall 2 times, and then we got it!
Huuuh, so tired

then we had dinner at edge cafe! so cheap ;)


Feeding Frenzy

I haven't eaten all day, finally in the evening i could eat!

Because i was so hungry, i eat like crazy!
There's (nasi ayam lalapan, rawon, soto ayam, martabak, es jeruk, magnum)

this is feeding frenzy


Beau Valentine

i buy pink t-shirt today at office

crazy but love it.

happy valentine everyone :)



Today, i watch grammy from tv! it start from red carpet, show and after party!
This time, grammy make special tribute for Ms.Whitney and jennifer hudson so lucky to sang her song 'i will always love you'

adele is the brightest star, she won every categories! congrats

///gaga can't win, so sad///


RIP Ms.Whitney Houston

this morning when wake up, i checked my blackberry! And i shock, when my friend wrote Whitney Houston died. I have no words to say.
One night before grammy, n she just left! Rumours said she died because drugs & alcohol.
So sad, last year we lost Amy Winehouse because that things, n now Ms.Houston.

!!! drugs can take her soul, talent, beauty! so pathetic

R.I.P Whitney Houston, i will always love you


Hectic, Lucky, Tired

Today, start when i'm in office with one of my friend who work as photographer sat in office's lobby. We don't know what to do. Suddenly our senior in office come to us n give some money! really really happy :) thank to GOD
Next, we had photoshoot with models in one of hill in Manado. They're both of gorgeous girls and easy to shoot. After we had photoshoot, we backed to office and copy all photos to computer. Then, i have another appointment with my friend, and had dinner at dante. My friend treated me in dinner.

When i back home, i can feel how tired i am! But, it's lucky day for me :)



Today, my friend has just a payday. And at night we go out to eat together.

But unfortunately, i was not feeling at my other friends because i have to leave them because at first i go out with them.

But it's okay, they'll understand.

SORRY guys ;)
and thanks N!